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He is the first boss encountered by the hero in the series and the final boss of Act I in Diablo III.

Witch Doctor Build by egrace90

Fixed a bug with linking items with socketed gems in chat• In Inferno difficulty, the Warden will also gain the Desecrator affix• Punish Dust projectiles can no longer be reflected• Evaluate your own items and, using the following priority, decide what items are most important for you to reforge.

1.03 Patch

As the player descends the Tower of the Damned, the Maiden of Lust, Cydaea, speaks sultry taunts to them.

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1 Rare quality equippable item• Another artwork depicts her hanging by chains attached to her greaves, wearing dress-like attire and a serene expression.

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Blizzard View, reached on 2018-11-07• Weapon crafting costs have been reduced• You can still use the 1 Warzechian Armguards, 2 Krelm Buff's Belt If you are playing LoN Bombardment build, it might have to be put in Kanai Cube 3 Avarice Band and 4 Boon of the Hoarder the ring again, will fit only in Kanai Cube for the LoN build.

Witch Doctor Build by egrace90

Nintendo Switch pre-orders are not currently available.

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Monsters with the Health Link and Knockback affixes will no longer knockback friendly monsters• Magic Find will no longer be considered when looting objects in the environment such as chests, barrels, vases, pots, and corpses• Resist values will now be taken into effect when calculating the Protection comparison stat the Protection value is an average protection estimate of all your resists• Flail 1-H: Templar's Chain- Cathedral Level 2 Mysterious Chest• The creature of contradiction is a cleric, and yet she bows to no gods.

Witch Doctor Build by MarkRyan

If you decide to choose Witch Doctor, you might also want to remember about a proper setup for your passive skills.

1.03 Patch

Spider Pits - Cydaea will fire a green projectile on the ground which erupts into a pool of green acid.

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The "Invite to Party" button should no longer become grayed-out if a player:• Plan: Staff of Herding The plan is a rare drop from the boss Izual at "The Great Span" in Act 4.

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Keep in mind that cosmetic items from Season Mode will be most likely never available again.